Promotional Sms

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS gateway Limited time SMS passage is intended for the sole reason for advancing your administrations and items. Obviously, the bigger target is to assist you with interfacing with that of your customers and potential customers.Promotional SMS can be utilized for,

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Promotion
  • Sales Discounts and Offers
  • Brand Launch
  • Product Marketing
  • After Sales Follow Up
promotional sms

Pricing Plans

Starting At
  • Number of Concurrent Calls150 Concurrent Calls
  • Number of Processing Cores8 Cores
  • Processor TypeXEON L5639
  • Memory8 GB
  • BandwidthUnlimited
Starting At
Pro Plus
  • Number of Concurrent Calls450 Concurrent Calls
  • Number of Processing Cores24 Cores
  • Processor TypeXEON L5639
  • Memory24 GB
  • BandwidthUnlimited
Starting At
  • Number of Concurrent Calls1000 Concurrent Calls
  • Number of Processing Cores32 Cores
  • Processor TypeXEON L5639
  • Memory32 GB
  • BandwidthUnlimited


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